The fine staircase featured Tatton’s own huge, fabulously dressed tree and swags of garlanding and fresh foliage installed by the house team following our creative proposal.

In the family entrance to the great house we set the cosy theatrical scene with heavy red drapes, golden tassels and tiebacks of sumptuous garlands with nuts, cones and baubles. At either side a tall nutcracker stood to attention, its base finished with tumbling presents and garlands.

Moving into the candlelit Yellow Drawing Room, visitors were welcomed by a fabulous sugar plum fairy slowly rotating beneath a soft light. The dress was encrusted with plums, candy, mini-baubles, while her head was a dramatic Venetian mask.

In the Library, battle commenced. Fabulous five-feet tall gingerbread men, hand-finished in our studio, lined up with large toy soldiers to face the mice soldiers with their shields and spears. Giant beautifully wrapped presents gave a sense of scale to the proceedings.

The Music Room and Drawing Room meanwhile were transformed by our theatrical interpretation of a fragranced pine forest arranged 2D like a stage set, with twinkly snowflakes suspended from each chandelier to complete the effect. These extended to the entrance to give visitors a sense of ‘walking through the forest’.

Tatton’s main Entrance Hall provided our grand finale as The Land Of Sweets, with giant candyfloss trees and candy canes, lollipops, gingerbread men and a giant gingerbread house centrally placed to fabulous, unforgettable effect.

Our client was delighted with the result, reporting a 67% increase in footfall over the previous year.